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     My aim is to hold a safe sacred space, where the dropping away of conditioning, can lead to a deeper experience of the heart space. Our day to day living seen through the perspective of the limited ego , can lead to disharmony and disease.

      By consciously circulating energy, through the different energetic bodies and pathways, we open ourselves up to a broader more harmonious perspective. Allowing deep emotional release, this in turn opens and aligns the chakra system. This helps us to reconect with with our true nature and our inate awareness.

      As we see our lives from a more harmonious  and intergated view point, we can be more available to experiences of oneness, rather than notions of seperation that come from conditioned thinking. This internal harmony opens up the potential for a deeper and more harmonious relationship with each other, the planet and life itself, enabling us to see our own conection to source reflected in all living things.

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