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Healing to transcend conditioning,  and awaken to our true divine nature

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About Me

My Background

I’ve been a practicing healer for more than 25 years. I developed an early interest in meditation and shamanism , and became a reiki practitioner when I was 16. Healing has been in my family for generations, and as I have progressed through new healing modalities , like vortex healing, along side medicine ceremonies and intensive meditation, I have developed my unique healing style, which is constantly evolving as I move ever deeper myself in relationship to source. 



I offer 3 modalities, which are each available as unique sessions or I offer a combination of the 3 .

        - Healing session

- Surf lesson

                                - Breath work and Meditation 



Healing Sessions

I hold a sacred space which allows a dropping away of external distractions.I open myself as a channel, and guide energy through the different energy bodies and pathways. In this space, a deep relaxation often leads to journeying, and can be quite visual. Strong emotions may be experienced, and released, as well as transendentant states of peace

Surfing as a Healing Modality

I am a ISA qualified surf instructor, and always happy to introduce people to surfing and open up another opportunity for a deeper relationship with nature. Complimentary sessions of healing , pranayama and surfing are available. While the healings are held in a safe space, allowing deep journeys into the heart space,  a following session of pranayama can take one deeper into stillness, while at the same time through breath holds , helps us to push past our comfort zones. By then continuing into a surf session, there is an opportunity to integrate the healing experiences into the body ,as well as the numerous health benifits of surfing.



Breath work comes from the yogic practices of pranayama. Through controlled breathing cycles and breath holds, amazing health benifits like reduced blood pressure , cardiovascular health , decrease in anxiety and depression can be achieved as well as heightened states of awareness and deep meditative states. 


Breathwork &

Healing Journey

One to one session, 2 hour deep awakening

       meditation . breathwork . healing





1 day, 3 sessions

         complimentary sessions to,

    go within, release and intergrate


Recent Testimonials

Janicke Michel

"I had the most amazing, relaxing and empowering experience with Chips's treatment. From feeling completely held and relaxed during the session, and standing up a feet taller and with a deeper consciousness on my way out, to continuously feeling physical and mindful changes as days and weeks passed on after the treatment. It is impossible to put down in words the experience and outcome, but if I was to find one thing that stood out for me it would be having been given the knowledge of self healing. Thank you for giving me the tools and guiding me on my path Chips. xxx"

Bonnie McAteer

"I fully recommend this work to anyone….for me in was a really deep and healing experience , I have had a lot of energy work in my time and am quite particular to whom and what kind of healing I  take part in ..I felt complete trust and felt very held within the space and within chips depth ability and knowing was a powerful and heart opening journey..x.."

Benjamin Rayner

"seriously.. an incredibly powerful session, a lasting effect of returning to original state of clear consciousness..thanks Chips."


"Chips came into my life at the exact time my soul needed! My healing was peaceful yet powerful and full of light. His energy is calming and reassuring and I can tap into his words of wisdom when I'm feeling unaligned. Chips' deep connection with source and spirit is inspiring. He reminded me to tune into my inner self and consciousness and to trust the journey. Thanks Chips! So happy our paths crossed."

Maria Angela

Thank you Chips, I am so grateful you made the time for me while you were here in Australia. The depth of presence I experienced by you that day is something that has altered my path in a big way. Since then, I’ve felt an opening of myself and a stronger alignment to take on the path I had been too afraid to face before. You’re sincere approach and  energetic guiding was a strong catalyst for the deep experience I felt. I recommend you to anyone who has even the slightest interest in working with the energetic field and shamanistic levels of expansion. Thank you again for your energy and time, I hope to see you again soon!


Merci Chips, une experience unique qui ma fait le plus grand bien, une decouverte merveilleuse, j'ai hate se recommencer


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