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Breath work comes from the yogic practices of pranayama. Through controlled breathing cycles and breath holds, amazing health benifits like reduced blood pressure , cardiovascular health , decrease in anxiety and depression can be achieved as well as heightened states of awareness and deep meditative states. 

Each session invovles  -Aum mantra/toning

                                      -Savitre Prananyama-ryhmic breathing

                                      -Bahya Kumbhaka-breath retention after exhale

                                      -Nishessha Rechaka-breath retention beyond comfort zone

                                      -Antara Kumbhaka-breath retention after inhale

                                      -Slow rechaka-slow exhalation

Pranayama aims to slow down normal breathing while also making the body more Co2 efficient , preventing oxidisation, increasing blood flow, balancing the blood ph, allowing better tissue cell O2 absorbtion.

Breathing in a rhythm also creates coherance , on a physical , emotional and spiritual level.

Changing brainwave function, altered states of consciousness can be achieved by transcending the default mode network of the brain,

This is an energised meditaion , breathing to music that induces a bliss state of no mind

I am a qualified breathwork instructor

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